Candidate Sourcing

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Candidate Generation

We search our network, resume databases, social media platforms, and the web for viable candidates.

Initial outreach

When an individual has been identified as a possibility for a role we will contact them on your behalf by email and/or phone. This activity is recorded, documented and placed into your company file on a daily basis.

Relay information

Upon a candidate expressing an interest in a role we immediately send over their contact particulars so that they don't lose an interest or get scooped up by another company. Your team then drives the rest of process from interviews to offers.

Meet Steve. He is a sourcing professional at Contract Recruiters.

Steve and his team will provide support by building a candidate pipeline for you when you are short on time and have many job requisitions to fill.

The endgame: uncover viable potential candidates based on your hiring criteria.

hourly FULL CYCLE hiring support

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full cycle hiring support

This service enables you to have a highly experienced recruiter working on your behalf without needing to pay obscene recruiting fees.

Once we have established your ideal candidate profile and discussed matters like cultural fit and compensation we go straight to work.

We do the heavy lifting

From writing and posting recruitment ads, vetting candidates, arranging interviews, to references checks and making offers, we do the all the heavy lifting.

Meet Cindy. She is a full cycle recruiting support professional at Contract Recruiters.

Cindy and her team will provide support by performing all tasks, activities, and functions of recruiting. She will facilitate the entire recruiting process and even conduct requisite background checks.


Advanced Level Support

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advanced level hiring support

A senior level, full cycle hiring support professional added to your team, on demand.

Recruiting strong leaders requires expertise and social calibration and with our hourly advanced level recruiting service your company is certain about the representation it is receiving in the marketplace with management level candidates.

Meet Joe. He has more than 20 years of experience in staffing and recruiting. He was born into a staffing family and recruiting and staffing are in his DNA.

He has recruited across numerous industries for all sizes of companies from Oracle to small businesses.

If your hiring initiatives call for recruiting management level staff Joe can help.